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SilverCloud at Compass GO!

We have launched an interactive virtual support service to young adults across North East Lincolnshire.

It’s called SilverCloud and it provides an easy-to-use, measurable and modern platform to help you.

Here’s Rosa and Lily to explain.

What is SilverCloud?

  • Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT)
  • CBT looks at how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours all interact with one another to keep our low mood or anxiety going. The programme will teach you more about what CBT is and will offer many activities to help you make practical changes to your mood.
  • 7-8 core modules per programme and it is recommended to complete 1 module per week, each module takes about 40 minutes to complete
  • Evidence based interventions

Benefits of SilverCloud

  • Flexible & Convenient – Use wherever and whenever
  • 24/7 access 
  • Computer, Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • Confidentiality – Removes stigma & increase psychological safety
  • Interactive
  • Once completed, children and young people can access the materials for up to a year
  • Evidence for sustained results during follow-ups

Anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry, which is natural and common. In the UK 8.2 million people that suffer anxiety and 6 in 100 people suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), this means having regular or uncontrollable worries about many different things in your everyday life.

We all feel anxious from time to time, particularly when facing new, frightening or uncertain experiences. Some children and young people worry more than others, and have greater difficulty coping with the inevitable challenges and uncertainty of growing up.

Some children are naturally more anxious than others, due to their personalities. Others are anxious due to unstable and chaotic early lives that may have included neglect or abuse. Traumatic experiences such as parents splitting up or bereavement can also lead to anxiety.

The SilverCloud Anxiety package will provide young adults with the tools to help deal confidently with any anxiety issues that they may have. SilverCloud can be downloaded as an app onto a young persons personal phone so they can access help as and when required.

Low mood effects everyone of us from time to time for different reasons. Maybe you had a fall out with your best friend at school or you have a poorly pet that you are worried about and it’s making you feel sad?

Common signs of low mood to look out for are feeling:

  • sad
  • anxious or panicky
  • more tired than usual or being unable to sleep
  • angry or frustrated
  • low on confidence or self-esteem

Low mood generally lasts from a few hours to a few weeks and can be easily mended so you feel happier again with small positive changes, such as making up with your best friend or knowing that your poorly pet is now on the mend.

If your low mood lingers for a long time and doesn’t seem to go away, you might need extra support to help you manage your emotions and start to feel like yourself again.

The SilverCloud ‘Space for Low Mood’ programme has been designed to relieve the symptoms of low mood by encouraging you to develop more flexible ways of thinking. The programme promotes awareness and understanding of emotions, while highlighting the importance of increasing activity and motivation in your daily life.

Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), you will learn to better understand your feelings, as well as how to make positive changes to how you think and feel.

Body Image is something that effects every single one of us at some point in our lives, but sadly it can cause ongoing worry to many more often than it should. 79% of 11 – 16 year olds said how they look is important to them with over 52% often worrying about the way their body looks.

With the added influence of social media, celebrities and the ongoing debate about models in magazines, there are so many pressures amongst both males and females of all ages concerned around the ‘perfect’ body and look.

Space for Positive Body Image is an interactive and practical programme that provides tools and activities to reduce the impact of negative body image in a safe and confidential space.

It consists of 7 modules that follow best practice guidelines in reducing the impact of negative body image using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles. Each module includes an introductory video and quiz, psychoeducational content with examples and personal stories, interactive activities, homework suggestions and summaries. The content and structure of the modules have been designed to follow a structured and goal orientated approach.

The programme highlights the role of unhelpful thinking styles and behaviour in exacerbating and maintaining poor body image. It looks at the impact of poor body image on our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical symptoms helping you to make changes in each of these key areas to reduce the impact of negative body image.

  • Suitable candidate after an initial assessment
  • 14-19 years
  • Individuals suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression or a mixture of both
  • Weekly check-ins from a trained AEMHP to ensure engagement & understanding
  • Packages currently on offer; Space from anxiety, Low mood and Body image

Job title: Assistant Education Mental Health Practitioner
About me: Hi there! My name is Rosa and I will be one of your supporter whilst you complete your journey on SilverCloud.

I knew that I wanted to work in mental health from a young age. I completed my degree in Psychology at Sunderland university and went on to work with children with emotional and behaviour difficulties.

I have over 20 years experience working with children in different capacities.

My most recent role of behaviour and wellbeing lead in a primary school gave me opportunities to work with families as well as supporting children to achieve success academically and socially.

Outside of work I am a wife and mum of two boys and in-house chef! In my spare time I love reading and creative activities, if I need some self care, I will always head to the beach to watch the waves.

I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to work for Compass Go and champion those children who need a little extra support to reach their full potential. Every day is a new opportunity to reach for your goals.

Job title: Assistant Education Mental Health Practitioner

About me: Hi there! My name is Lily and I will be one of your supporters whilst you complete your journey on SilverCloud.

I’ve previously attended the University of Lincoln and studied BSc Honours in Psychology, where I achieved a 2:1.

For the past 2.5-3 years I have worked at a primary school as a TA. I loved the job and everyone I worked with, however I felt like I needed to use my knowledge learnt from my degree more in my work. Therefore, I applied for the job as an Assistant Education Mental Health Practitioner at Compass GO.

Whilst working at Compass, I am excited to meet lots of new people and learn more interesting things about Children and Young People. As well as this, I am looking forward to contributing to improving the mental health and wellbeing of others.

When I am not working, I enjoy going to the gym and being sociable with my friends and family, whether this be going out for food or going on relaxing walks!

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