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Career Case Studies

Anca, Administrator

Specialist services – young people

After spending a year as a Compass volunteer, I was offered my current role in 2017 within one of our young people’s services in London. I was both flattered and anxious to have this opportunity but knew that as part of a great team anything could be achieved and I was pleased to accept.

I am now working part time and my main responsibility is to ensure that all service user data is processed correctly and in a timely manner. I also carry out monthly and annual health and safety checks and organise supplies and materials for team training sessions, workshops, assemblies and exhibitions.

I enjoy my role with Compass and appreciate the opportunities to attend internal and external training to improve my development.

Knowing that I am making a small but significant difference to someone’s life is what makes working for Compass very rewarding.

Junaid, Engagement & Participation Support Worker

Specialist services – young people

Since I joined Compass in 2018, I have been enjoying every minute here. The team are fantastic and the best thing about working for Compass is that it feels like a family!

By working for Compass, I feel like I am making a difference to the community I live in and care about. As a resident of the London borough, knowing I am trying to make a positive impact for local young people is the driving force that propels me to get up in the morning and come to work.

In my role, I work directly with school teachers and students and you will find me at different schools throughout the day. Working with students is a great buzz!

Angela, Family Brief Intervention Worker

Universal services

I started working for Compass on 1st November 2015, transferring with the service from South Warwickshire Foundation Trust. At that time changes were made to our service, through which I felt supported, which enabled me to adapt. At present working for Compass I adhere to company values and hopefully act as a good role model when supporting colleagues, new staff, other professionals, families and young people in all settings.

I work part time from the office, in schools and also in community settings. I use a laptop and mobile phone so I can work effectively throughout Warwickshire. The team I work with are extremely supportive and I always feel valued and listened to by my colleagues and team leader.

My job involves working with families, young people and other professionals and includes a variety of interventions relating to issues such as behaviour, sleep, diet, continence, emotional health & wellbeing and I also carry out height weight screening and health needs assessments in schools.

I also help to facilitate a continence workshop monthly with a colleague and host one to one and group support for young people, using the Boomerang Project.I enjoy my job and feel completely supported within my team. I take pride in helping families and hopefully making a difference.

Bernice, Staff Nurse

Universal services

I have been working for Compass over 2 years and was previously a staff nurse in a children’s emergency department.

I work within a friendly, dynamic and diverse team with a breadth of knowledge meaning that I have been well supported since I started my role and have really enjoyed becoming part of the Compass team.

Improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Warwickshire is at the heart of my role, by working in partnership with schools, parents and of course the children themselves.

I work across a variety of locations such as schools, in the hub or on location with other agencies. I enjoy the variety that my role brings, for example one day I could be completing a health assessment or writing a care plan and the next day running a drop-in session in a secondary school.

What I enjoy most about working for Compass is the forward thinking approach they take to addressing the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Becky, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse

Universal Services

I have been working with Compass since November 2015.

The main attraction working for Compass is their vision and commitment to all staff and service users. The team I work with are all very supportive, compassionate and fun which makes every day in the office enjoyable!

I really enjoy my School Nursing role within Compass and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse course last year. The course challenged me and allowed me to explore the role of the public health nurse and the impact of health on individuals, families and the wider community. This opportunity has enabled me to grow personally and professionally enhancing my skills and knowledge in order to support children, young people and their families.

I work full time, all year round and no two days are the same. I’m currently based in the North of Warwickshire. As a School Nurse I offer one to one confidential support to children and young people to support their physical and emotional health. I offer support to parents, carers and families in schools and community venues. I work in collaboration with many other professionals to provide support and information to schools and the wider community. The overall aim being to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Warwickshire.

Rachael, Team Leader

Universal services

I joined Compass REACH in 2016 moving to Compass BUZZ a year later at the start of the newly commissioned contract.

I love the diversity of the role, dealing with professionals and young people and being part of a committed and enthusiastic team. Working from the Northallerton hub, Compass BUZZ offers mental health & wellbeing support to 393 schools across North Yorkshire.

Being involved from the start of the Compass BUZZ project gave me an opportunity to develop systems and reporting data. On a day to day basis my role is extremely varied; from collating data and statistical information and producing reports to managing Compass BUZZ social media accounts and developing infographics to promote the service.

As I am office based, I mainly have telephone contact with professionals and the team, dealing with enquiries and coordinating requests from schools for pupil support. In addition I am the health & safety lead for both Compass BUZZ and Compass REACH, which enables me to visit all our locations across the region to undertake inspections. I am responsible for producing and reviewing service specific risk assessments and delivering health & safety briefings to the teams.

Maggie, Assistant Director

Universal services

I have been working for Compass since 2016. I joined because I wanted the opportunity to work with a small and flexible organisation that was interested in looking at new ways of working to improve outcomes for families, children and young people while maintaining nursing quality and clinical governance.

Every day is different; I get to meet loads of interesting and stimulating people who have a passion for what they do and I feel that what we do as an organisation makes a real positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

I’m very lucky to be able to work flexibly using Skype, conference calls, telephone calls and of course email! I work from home, on the train, from the office hubs where I catch up with my teams and other Compass colleagues. I regularly travel around the country, speaking at conferences, networking with other service providers and sharing and evaluating best practice.

I typically work with service managers and team leaders, operational staff, other members of the senior management team, national professional organisations, school nurse leaders across the country, local government commissioners and other national charity and health and wellbeing providers.

There is no typical working day for me and one of the joys of the job is the breadth of the services we provide. I can go from chairing a clinical governance group scrutinising clinical quality, to working with teams about new and better ways of providing services to appearing in front of a Government home affairs select committee talking about knife crime.

I really enjoy working for an organisation that truly believes in working with integrity and respect for our service users and staff.

Andrew, Business Systems Analyst

Central services

I joined Compass in 2015. I work at the head office in York. I started as the Finance Technician, over time I was promoted to Business Systems Analyst, responsible for managing the information systems. My background has always been in the third sector, as a Finance Manager for a theatre company and also a non executive director of a youth homelessness prevention charity.

I really enjoy working with data to pull out of it the vital information and intelligence that guides and supports senior management, and service managers in the work that they do.

A typical day for me is a varied day, and I like that. I might be calculating payroll one day, working with system developers to develop improved or even bespoke record systems, implementing those systems, and running thousands of lines of data through computers to analyse performance figures, and then talking with managers and directors to show what the implications of the analysed data might be. Whilst I mostly work at the Head Office, I do expect to visit different services at least once or twice a month.

I really love the variety that working with Compass offers, whilst at the same time knowing I am working in a charity that is concerned with improving the wellbeing of its clients.

Rose, Business Development

Business Development

From the very start at Compass I have been made to feel really welcome and valued.

I moved here from the legal industry, so this was a real change for me; it was Compass’s services, values and size that inspired me to apply.

With service users at the heart of what we do, there’s a real drive across the organisation not to stand still, but to adapt to meet their changing needs. A big part of my role is to find opportunities to enable us to support service users in the best ways possible and I enjoy working across the organisation and with partners and commissioners to achieve this.

I am part time, working mainly from home so I’m on the phone a lot! I typically go into head office once a week to meet with colleagues and generally keep up to date with what’s happening and I travel to any of our locations, or those of partners and commissioners, when I need to.

I really enjoy my role with Compass, which is hugely varied with no two days the same. With this wonderful team, I’m excited to see what more we can achieve.